Is Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain Bad

Riding a motorcycle out in a rainstorm is a bad decision. You may face trouble when rain is about to shower. If you don’t have an emergency, postpone your outing trip. Your two wheels are not enough to retain a balanced ride on a flooded road. If you ride a bike routine wise then keep in mind, Is riding a motorcycle in the rain bad or not?

If rain is expected then you have two alternate ways, either wait for the rain to stop or start your trip ( if must) with proper rain gear for motorcycle riding. There are certain things you need to check well before riding a motorcycle in heavy rain such as tires, helmet, your bike’s engine, etc.

If rain turns to storm then your rain gear is the only option to conquer it. You need to keep your body warm and dry with waterproof rain clothing. To choose the rain stuff depends on the rain’s fury. The more you cover your body the more you will be dry and warm in heavy rain. Stay tuned with us to get proper guidance from these lines…

Why are riders scared of the rain?

You may have observed that riders stop under shady or covered space when raindrops hit them. They do so because they feel threatened to carry on. In fact, riding in a rainstorm is equal to suicide but the proper arrangement can turn risk into opportunity. You would hate riding a motorcycle in the rain because of its bad outcomes. Riders are scared of the rain due to the following three reasons.

  • Poor visibility

If you go out to drive in heavy rain then, there is enough darkness possible that would stop your ride. It wouldn’t let you drive normally. You can face a terrible accident in wet weather, especially at night time. That why you must ensure your safety. Anyhow, you can turn on your headlights and brake light to move ahead gradually.  If you wear a reflective rain jacket/pants, it will be your wise decision because it boosts up your appearance on the road.

  • Slippery wet roads

When roads get wet you may confront danger. Due to leakage in brake oils, patrols, or other oily substances, it gets vicious after heavy downpour. No matter how superior your tires are, you would slip on the way. That’s Why riders wait until raindrops subside.

  • Insufficient rain stuff

You would hate rainfall while taking a bike outside if you don’t have full waterproof raingear. You need to keep your body in an easy state to have a remarkable ride. If you carry the best rain gear with you then you will enjoy wet weather. You would be no more at the mercy of raindrops. So, don’t compromise on your security essentials

( rain jacket, pants, rain poncho, rain boots, and helmet, etc.

What to do to ride safely?

Riding isn’t child’s play, you have to consume your energy while getting sufficient knowledge to know whether riding a motorcycle in the rain is bad or not? If yes, then what to do to avoid its bad results? If you dive into this discussion you would find different safety areas while riding a motorcycle in a rainstorm.

  • Use tractable tires for riding in the rain:

You can welcome rainy weather passionately if you install the best motorcycle tires for rain.  You may slip terribly if your old tires can’t beat wet weather. As a result, you would lose your control and balance. That Why riding a motorcycle in the rain is considered bad.

When your tire’s tread is about to decay, then purchase tractable tires without further delay otherwise don’t drive on wet roads. Your safety 70% depends on the best tires for your car that are able to handle wet surfaces. 

  • Use helmet for cold rainy day ride:

It will be a nice decision that you take a ride in the rain with the helmet. In Fact, it isn’t only useful for rain but for dry weather too. You can use a covered face or uncovered face helmet, it depends on your interest. Anyhow if you wear it for a cool rain ride then the covered one is best for you. It will keep rain as well as cool aside. If you intend to use it for summer then the uncovered helmet is the best option. Heavy raindrops will hammer your face if you ride at high speed. You need to drive at the minimum speed in wet moist weather.

  • Wear the right motorcycle rain gear:

You can conquer the harsh weather if you have the right rain gear. If you wear a waterproof rain jacket, pants, or boots, you can defeat light as well as a heavy rain shower. What to choose in motorcycle rain gear?

It is quite simple, You need the best one-piece motorcycle rain suit to keep the moisture out. It will cover your whole body to feel comfortable while riding in wet weather. However, you need to check the size that fits well to your body otherwise it would let water penetrate. Don’t forget to choose adjustable sleeves and leg opening in a rain suit. 

Additional Safety Tips:-

  • Check the bike well before riding:

Riding a bike isn’t just to kick and start your journey but it acquires little knowledge too. You need to check the following parts well before riding in a rainstorm. The first and most important is your bike brake. If it is working you can take a break immediately when rain falls. That’s Why check its functionality on daily basis. The next is the motorcycle engine. If it is well lubricated it wouldn’t disturb your ride no matter how harsh the weather is. So, don’t forget to call a mechanic after some time for better consequences. Simply, check all motorcycle parts well before switching on.

  • Be cautious of in-road  hazards:

If you intend to ride when it is raining outside, be careful of in-road hazards. While riding at a fast speed you wouldn’t notice these things…

  • You can dive in with your motorcycle into waterlogging while riding fast. It won’t only wet your clothes but you may face a serious injury. Its only solution is to ride slowly in rain, so, don’t endanger yourself and your bike while riding at high speed. 
  • You can feel the uncovered Gutter due to poor visibility in rain. Sometimes the road staff uncovers rain gutters (at roadsides) to drain rainwater. So, ride at slow speed with an eagle’s eye view.
  • You may slip while taking turns in puddles after/during rain. If you turn at high speed then you will lose your control and balance.
  • Avoid riding immediately when raindrops subside because the road may be oily due to brake oils, grease, or patrols that vehicles leaks. When rain showers it makes an oily layer over the road surface and increases the chance of slipping.


In fact, riding your two-wheel is your partner if you drive carefully. You will face a terrible accident while riding a bike in rainfall. I hope you would have got a little bit of knowledge from these guidelines. If you succeed to keep your whole body dry from rain then you can beat your worries about the motorcycle. Let’s enjoy your bike commuting no matter how harsh the weather is…

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