How To Wear Your Hair On a Rainy Day

Let’s enjoy a rainy day, but sometimes your outdoor duty calls you or you intend shopping. Of course, you will go but certain conditions will ruin your hairstyle. One of the main factors is rain and wind. You must be in search of this question: How to style or wear your hair on a rainy day?

This question looks easy but it isn’t easy because there are countless ideas to answer this question. Some experts claim that your hair just needs to be away from the rain. When moisture enters inside the hair cuticles, it swells up as a result the chemicals remain in the hair roots. It causes many hair problems. It means due to a lack of proper guidance, your hairs can’t withstand a rainstorm. To retain your hair (within a stylish state) we have collected different techniques. They will not only keep your hairstyle on the right way on rainy and windy days, but also they will boost up your fashion. We are going to discuss it in detail to guide you toward your goal.

Keep Your Hair Safe In Rainy Weather

A girl rainy day hairstyle wearing a yellow and white shirt with long hair

It is quite simple, you can follow certain ways to keep your hair away from the rain. If you succeed in this, it means you are an expert. First of all, if you intend to go outside in rain, the effective way is to keep your hair covered with a rain hat. Also, you can wear a waterproof scarf or hood if you have a rain jacket.

This technique results better than others. Anyhow it may affect your fashion in heavy rain. If you don’t want to sacrifice your style then you have some alternate options. On this page, we are going to elaborate on such techniques that are best worldwide for rainy weather hairstyles.    

Chunky Side Braids

If you are in search that how to wear your hair on a rainy day to suits your personality then this is a frizzing that will boost up your personality along with rain safety. In this style, you will braid your hair on one side (If you have shoulder-length hair) to keeps rainwater aside. You can walk in heavy rain without hesitation. Chunky side braids style will make you the “Queen of fashion”.The interesting thing is that you can make this type of braid within a few minutes.

Scrunchie Hairstyle

The girl put her hair back with a Scrunchy

When rain showers it tries to reach the roots hairs. In this way, it can disturb your hair’s normal growth. If you want to get rid of this problem you can adopt this way of fashion. If you follow this hairstyle you can easily handle the rainy days. This style will keep your facial region safe from the heavy downpour. We can call it the shelter for rain.

Fishtail Braids

This style will bewitch the all-around community. As the name indicates that your braid will look like a fishtail. Most fashion advisers suggest fishtail braids due to their simple style. It won’t let the hair cover your facial region. As a result, your hair won’t disturb your walk-in rainy season. If you make a fishtail braid and go outside in rain, this style won’t let rainwater penetrate the hair roots.

Half-Up Topknot

Girl with a Half topknot hairstyle to keep rain water aside on rainy day

This is also a fashionable hairstyle that is in trend for black hairs in rainy weather. This is a knot that you need to make on the top of your head. In this condition, it will keep your head dry while walking in a rainstorm.

Why is this hairstyle in trend? The main reason is that it is wispy and relaxed for an everyday hairstyle, you can make it within a movement. The topknot will beads up raindrops on both sides of the head.

High Ponytail

A girl with high ponytail hair style for wet condition

If you want such a hair braid style that takes little time then we suggest a high ponytail for you. If you make it in the right way you can enjoy the rainproof hairstyle.

This type of braids style is a big pulled pony style. You will love this style but it will be more than good if you use a hair tie for this purpose. Also, this style is useful even if there is no chance of a rain shower.

Jumbo Clip

If you have curly hair and want to keep it rainproof in wet weather then use a jumbo clip. As you know a clip catches the hairs that’s why your hairs will be safe from raindrops. You can adapt this style in all weather because it fulfills your needs regarding all weather.

The jumbo clip won’t let your hair touch your face. We recommend a standard jumbo clip for this purpose. 

Messy Bun with Loose Tendrils

Bun with Loose Tendrils hairstyle for hair safety in rainy days

This is a versatile fashion that will last for hours and you can adopt this even for short hair. You won’t observe any moisture inside the hairs. When you go outside in a messy bun with loose tendrils you will be distinct from your fellow. You don’t need to sacrifice your hair’s style.

This style is very acceptable in all women due to its certain features. You can play with bangs if you like this hairstyle. You can manage to keep bangs on your face as you like. 

Twisted Bun

Very pretty girl with a twisted bun hairstyle for rainy and windy days

This is also an interesting style braid. You can call it half ponytail. If you intend to go outside in rain then this style is also best for you. You can make this twisted bun easily. First, you need to tight hairs from the right and left then twist them from either side to ensure water blockage.

You will look stylish in this style besides safety from rain. This style is useful in warm weather too because its tight position will keep you cool in summer. 


If you have dreamed of a unique hairstyle then you need to choose this hairstyle. Topknot hairstyle takes little time and is long-lasting. Perfect to give you a stylish look along with comfort.

This style is the simple one and you can learn it within a short period. Top knots enable your head to face bad weather like wind and rain. The interesting thing is that about 70% of people like to adopt this style.


It would be difficult if not possible to count hairstyles (especially those that handle rain weather). Still, we had tried (above) to mention some of the top-rated hairstyles. It depends on your interest. You can adopt a style that you like. In this article, we have chosen different hairstyles for you that are easy to be made without a professional’s help. According to my research that how to wear your hair on a rainy day, the following three frizzing are in high trend as compared to another one.

  • Chunky Side Braids
  • Jumbo clips
  • High ponytail

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