How to stay dry walking in the rain

Let’s embrace an outing in a harsh weather forecast. You dare to go walking. People say that it is more satisfying to stay at home in harsh weather than outside but maybe you do not agree with his suggestion, because you should be walking for your importance or duties. Also, it can be fun to enjoy rainy weather to keep your mind healthy. It’s time to go out but how to stay dry while walking in the rain?

There is two option that enables you to walk in the rain with full confidence. One is walking with an umbrella but maybe its sound is unpleasant and the other one is walking with the right rain gear. They will keep you dry and relax without any cons if you have the right rain gear. If you haven’t then you will invest in it.

To stay dry while walking in the rain is the basic need of your body. Otherwise, you may catch fever/cool (especially in shivering winter). You can paralyse while walking wet in rainy weather. Stay tuned to catch proper guidance towards this important issue

Stay Dry In Rain With an Umbrella

A man walking with an umbrella to stay dry from raindrops

In a heavy downpour, the umbrella is a trend coming from pre ages. Still, it is useful for rain safety. It depends on your choice. If you belong to such an area where calm rain showers (often) then your choice must be an umbrella.

There are multiple sizes and design that you can purchase even your kid can use them.  As we know everything has two sides, positive and negative. So, an umbrella is included in such things.


In this modern era, nothing had replaced an umbrella because certain features are inseparable from it.

  • You can wear it quickly
  • It can keep your whole body dry (if no strong wind is blowing
  • You can close it after raindrops subside
  • Umbrella is easy to carry everywhere due to its lightweight design
  • Equally useful for all four seasons


Besides its features umbrella still has some drawbacks that can bring difficulties in the heavy downpour.

  • Most of the time it cannot face strong winds (some of them can resist wind with its strong design but not enough)
  • Still, there is a chance to get wet (legs and below)
  • Your expensive shoes can suffer from rainwater
  • It can easily shrink and ruin (especially in a sudden storm)
  • You can’t keep your hand free
  • You will feel uncomfortable while walking with an umbrella in narrow streets

Walk In the Rain Without Umberalla

Still, you have another possibility. You can call it an alternate option to stay dry while walking in the rain. For the sake of convenience, I would like to share some tips. These tips would lead you on the right track related (Waterproof rain gear), If you have then good if you haven’t then can invest.

If you don’t want to use an umbrella in rain then the second is your best option, to walk with waterproof rain gear. It is a broad term. You can call rain gear that covers your body. Your suitable rain gear can keep you dry and safe (if it is waterproof/water resistant). You can enjoy walking no matter the weather.

If you are fully prepared for harsh weather. It depends on you. If your area faces heavy rainfall then you need fully waterproof rain gear and vice versa. Your right selection can give you much convenience while walking in rain.

Waterproof Rain Jacket With Hood

A man walking on the road and secure from rain with waterproof rain jacket

If there is light rain and haven’t to cover a long distance then only a water-resistant rain jacket is suitable for it. If you are covering a long distance in rain then you need a waterproof versatile rain jacket with a hood. They will keep you relax and dry from the rain. If you haven’t a rain jacket then before buying you must pick a stylish and multi-functional, perfect for all season. There are three levels for a waterproof rain jacket. It depends on you which level do you select.

5000mm to 10000mm

This is considered the low waterproof rating. It can withstand only in lightweight rain. However this level of rating is recommended for light rain areas.

10000mm to 15000mm

A rain jacket having a waterproof level between 10000 to 15000 mm is considered a mild one. It can withstand heavy rain but not too much.

15000mm to 20000mm

If you walk continuously no matter the weather be. Then you need the hooded rain jacket with this waterproof rating. You won’t observe any critical issue while wearing it in heavy rain. Rain jackets hood is equally efficient as the rain jacket.

Rain Poncho Is The Best Option

A boy stand on the road side wear a rain poncho to keep himself dry from rain

A rain poncho will be the second-best option to stay dry with it while walking in rain. As you know most of the times we feel uncomfortable while wearing a rain jacket in summer. Sometimes we feel warmth after the whole day wear while in a little bit cooler weather. A rain poncho will solve this issue.

The interesting thing with rain poncho is that it stays dry. Perfect to keep your full body secure from rainwater. There are different sizes of rain ponchos available with lots of features. Before buying a rain poncho you need to pick a stylish and versatile brand. You must go for a roomy that can hide your backpack within a rain poncho. Anyhow rain poncho is a great option for summer and is not suitable for cool winter. But you can purchase it at a cheap price.  

Waterproof Rain Boots

waterproof rain shoes to keep your feet comfortable from element and warm during rainy weather

Your priority in heavy rain is waterproof stuff. So, you can’t ignore rain boots (waterproof). If your shoes are unable to tackle rain. Then we can’t walk in rain. You can choose a design that perfect for full coverage, to keep your (whole feet with jeans and calves) dry and warm.

Anyhow you need a waterproof variety. Your feet need to be dry (to avoid unsuitable conditions) in all circumstances. As you know a cold takes its start from feet. If your feet are secure then your whole body is secure and vice versa.

Wear Rain Pants To Stay Dry

A women stand with rain boot and rain pant to keep their body relax from rain element

This is the suggestion after extensive research to meet in rain with different people. People share their opinion that doesn’t wear casual pant in the rain (especially walking). There is a reason behind this statement. When you wear casual pants (especially in the rain) then you get bored, because you get wet within a few minutes.

If you put on a rain pant or waterproof trouser. There will be no issue of getting wet (especially in moderate weather). You can also use trouser in summer that’s why we will suggest rain pant for all season. If you have a great budget then you can buy the best waterproof rain pant. Before Buying you must check that this is versatile, that you can use for hiking, walking, running and even cycling in rainy weather.

Hat and Gloves

Last but not least. If you don’t like a rain jacket with a hood or if you have but not a waterproof hood. You can’t keep your head from getting wet without a waterproof hat. You can stay dry in rain with this alternate option that is a hat. Most of us consider it unnecessary. But It can keep you extraordinarily safe in rain and sun. The hat is very efficient for light rain and hot sun too. However, it can’t tackle heavy rain.

Similarly, waterproof gloves are also rain protector. Keep your hands warm and dry with waterproof gloves to feel relax and comfortable in rain, and easily tackle the harshest weather. If there is winter rain then you can’t work well, ample to use as rain gear for working.

Stay Dry While Hiking In The Rain

A girl stay dry and warm while hiking in the wet weather with the right rain gear

Walking and hiking both are the same term. You can’t keep yourself dry while hiking you should use the right rain gear. You can use the above tips while hiking in rainy weather, but there is one extra suggestion for hiking in the rain. It is about rain pant.

Don’t Wear Rain Pants at First

This is the suggestion from expert hikers.” Don’t wear rain pant at the start of your journey (especially hiking)”. Why? There is a reason behind this statement. When you wear rain pants (especially at the start of the rain), then you get wet within a few second and you will feel uncomfortable.

If we put on a trouser at first. There will be no issue of getting wet (especially in moderate weather). We can also use trouser in summer that’s why we will suggest rain pant first. Anyhow when the weather gets severe then we can put it on. It will be our alternate option in harsh weather. 

Rain Pant Must be Your Last Option

According to expert hikers, they put on rain pants at last. You can walk effectively in simple trousers (in heavy rain) because rain pants stick to your body very soon. You get paralysed within wet pants.

When you feel cool, rain pants are your last option at a hiking spot. The same is the case with walking in rain. We can’t postpone our walking merely for rain by following this strategy we can reduce difficulties.


Rain is a fact. Most of the times we can’t go outside (especially for hiking/walking) but this is not the solution to the problem. Our duties call us outside. We will go outside and stay dry even in heavy rain.

If we follow the above-discussed tips. All are discussed in detail. You can pick the right stuff that you need. Overall within the minimum range, you can stay dry while walking in the rain.

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