As we know, we all need a power supply outside and we often use an outdoor extension cord in our daily life and on some special occasions like Christmas celebration, birthday parties, kitty parties and maybe anniversaries or something else. If you want to use an outdoor extension cord, then you may face sometimes wet weather which is dangerous for you and for your beloved. If you are thinking about how to protect your outdoor extension cord from rain then You are on the right page. Here on this page, you will learn about how to keep your extension cord dry from the rainwater because it is very risky to install an outdoor extension cord in a wet situation.

Why can’t you deny outdoor power supply? The main reason behind this is that the extension cord is an essential item for every household. Most of us use a lot of extension cords to power our electronics, television sets, lamps, and any other electrical appliances. So if we bring a power supply to the porch or lawn for our need then it is a little bit risky that is why we gathered some tips to keep your extension cord safe while in rainy weather.

What Happens If An Extension Cord Gets Wet

As you know there are plugs in the outdoor extension cord and it may get wet with rainwater and become riskier especially in wet conditions like rain, fog, and snowfall. As a result, it wouldn’t work properly, and now how to restore a wet extension cord. Fortunately, you can easily dry their outer parts with a dry cloth. For internal parts, you need to use a hairdryer to drain all water from inside, after this you need to open its screws and keep it in a dry place and wait for 2 to 3 hours. Once again you need to apply the same process and then close it now they are ready to use.

Protect Your Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain Water

Here on this page, you will find the six different techniques to prevent your extension cord from rain elements.

An outdoor extension cord plugged in with different switches

What To Avoid?

If you are confused regarding outdoor extension cord installation. Simply you need to avoid the following points.

Never Plug-In Wet Cord

People forget to check whether the cable is wet or not. If you observe any moisture then dry it with a cloth or a dryer. When the cable ends are wet and you plug it in, It means you are taking a risk. So, don’t ignore this important step when you are going to plug in the cable in the cord.

Also, this is one of the major causes that damage the extension cord. As you know we are often in a hurry. As a result, we endanger our power supply and ourselves. If you are not an electrician then, contact a skilled person for this purpose. In this way, you will save many things.

Use Cling Wrap

It is a plastic thin film. It is often made of  PVC (polyvinyl chloride). As you know it fully waterproof that’s why you can cover it over the cord and wire together. You can purchase it from the market because it comes within roll shape with edges.

If you want a quick and cheap solution for your problem then it is for you. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any specific tools, but you can hide your outdoor extension cord permanently. You can use it without anyone’s help. It will keep the moisture aside no matter how harsh the weather is.

Simply if you use cling wrap you can extend the extension cord life along with possible protection from the rain. That is the reason most of the skilled electrition suggest this technique for the safety of cords

DIY Power Cord Shield

This method is considered the easiest and workable. If you want to protect your cord then apply this method. This method won’t let the moisture inside the cords. You need to have a drill, knife, and container.

First of all, use the drill to make holes within the container. The whole must be a bit wider than the width of the wire then thread the wire in the container and join them effectively. Make sure the joint (check that you have joined the wires the right way). At last, put the lid of the container on. In this whole process, you must use plastic tape. Now, ensure the lid has blocked the whole container or not? To avoid any moisture. 

The Bucket Method

As it is a fact, we often use extension cords at the lawn/porch instantly, In this case, this method is also recommendable. You can use a bucket to protect the outdoor extension cord from rain. With the help of a drill, you need to make holes in the bucket as you need. You can pass more cables through a bucket.

If you make holes according to the wire then pass it within the bucket. In this way when you put the bucket lid on the bucket. It will be nearly impossible for rainwater to reach the joints inside the bucket.

Never Drive Over a Cord

The last but important point to be noted is that don’t drive over the cord. In fact, there will be a chance to drive over the cords when we don’t care about it. We use it often in the yard, porch, or even on the lawn. That’s why it needs proper care because it can’t bear a heavy load.

If you drive over the cord you won’t let it be useful anymore. You can damage it within a few movements. Simply while driving a car inside the house or lawn. You need to keep your line away from the cord. Otherwise, you will damage the whole electric line. Your careful driving can keep you and your cords safe and sound.


We hope you would be able to protect your outdoor extension cord from rain. If you follow the above tips then you can decrease the possibility of damaging the cords along with danger. You can enjoy it on the lawn or porch if there is a proper supply of power. Our focus is that How we can protect our outdoor extension cord. As you know the factor in the destruction of cords is rain. So, follow the above tips for the full safety of cords. 

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