To prevent rainwater from entering your house is really a challenge for you. It can bring major devastation which is an expensive fix. If water seeps into the foundation and basement it means you and your family is at risk. It won’t only disturb walking-in but your lawn, garden, and basement are at risk too. You can’t enjoy wet weather if water floods in your apartment after rain and this an expensive fix. So, on this page, you will know how to block water from entering your house.

Waterfloods don’t need permission to enter that’s why we need to block its ways. You can overcome it at a reasonable price if you nip the evil from the bud at the initial stage. You can treat it well even without anyone’s help. If you notice that rainwater is out of control, It means it will cost much to prevent.

How to Prevent?

Rain water enter to house

As a homeowner, you need to treat roof leaks, wet basement, and damp walls. No one wants to ruin his decorative wall painting due to rainwater intrusion. You will be in search of getting rid of rain floods inside the house. Simply, here on this page, you will find the 9 short ways to prevent your house from flooding in wet weather.

Make Sure Your Gutters are Clean

rain gutter cleaning to prevent rain water from entering house

First of all, make sure whether the gutters are clean or not. If not it can make trouble for you later. The problem is that if there are leaves or other debris it will block the way to the downspout. As a result, it will overflow over its walls. Its flow over the wall isn’t a good sign because it will destroy wall painting very soon.

When rainwater flows over the walls then water will pool right on the side of your home. Still, it will weaken your house’s foundation. You need to clean it twice in the month or when a rainstorm subsides to achieve better results. You can add a filter inside the roof gutter to avoid permanent blockage of supply.

Watch Your Apartment Landscaping

If you want to retain your residence attraction, you need to watch its landscaping well. If you think that that landscape is too close to the walls’ foundation then slope the soil away from the foundation. Otherwise, It is extremely possible to weaken your walls. There will grow roots to block the drainage system. When rain hits the earth then it will be a headache for you. If you make a slope of about 6 to 10 inches away from the wall, you can keep rain flood aside.

Sweep Away Debris

If your keen interest is to prevent rainwater from entering the house, you need to sweep away debris. When autumn comes the trees shed their leaves. It can make heaps of debris all around the lawn. If rain is expected, you need to clear all the debris that can affect rainwater drainage. If you clean the patio and door well then you can handle rain floods within no time. So, try to sweep away all the mud and dirt once a  week for smooth water flow.

Roof Maintenance

Where their rain showers nothing rain as a roof does. It depends on the roof material and structure. If it is concrete then it will drain rainwater easily without absorbance. The thing gets worse when rain hits an old worn-out roof. Anyhow your apartment roof needs proper care from all angles. let’s explain.


If you care for the roof interior then you can prevent rainwater. You need to ensure leak blockage. If your house roof can’t withstand heavy rainfall then it is time to replace it with a new roof. So, we don’t suggest to don’t take risks while living in such a house. You can apply some sticky material to block minute leaks within the leaks. It often happens due to waterlogging over the roof. 


You can treat the house roof externally up to some extent. If it turns rough then their water will stand. As a result, it will destroy walls furnishing from all over the house. You can simply, apply more concrete over the roof to fill gaps. 

Seal Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors permit rainwater to enter all over the house. There will be so many possible cracks in the door and window frames. So, you can’t ignore it. If you do your indoor essentials are at risk. How to tackle these cracks? You can get rid of it permanently if you seal it with foam sealant. If foam sealant isn’t available then you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the entrance furniture. Paint will only handle minute cracks in the door/window frame. You can apply caulk to heal cracks.

Check Your Downspouts

You can’t ignore downspout care to tackle heavy rain. A downspout with a crack isn’t suitable for proper water treatment. It catches corrosion (if iron) after some time starts leakage. If you don’t replace it, you would destroy your wall furnish. If you notice that a downspout falls water over the wall surface then it needs an extension. You need to run to the hardware store to manage. So, your minute carelessness can lead to major devastation after heavy rainfall. 

Exterior French Drain

If rainwater leaking into the house it means your house needs an exterior french drain. You can call an expert for house rain protection. You need some French drain installation tips.

Install a Sump Pump

There are many house owners that spend a lot of money to drain water from the house. If the problems get severe we recommend installing a sump pump. To install a sump pump you need to dig a well near the outside door of about 10 feet deep. You need to slope down all water towards it. When the water level arises the sump pump activates and drains water. Though it is expensive but workable. After installing the sump pump you would well come rain storm eagerly.


Let’s wind up this talk with this that it isn’t as much difficult as you think to prevent rainwater from entering the house. You can get rid of this permanently if you take a step. You can follow the above tips without gestation. After reading this page you don’t need to scroll your screen anymore to search. Because we have brought enough tips after tiresome research.  

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