If you have a dream to enjoy the weather outside. You must need a porch. There are certain facts that bring frustration such as rain, winds, mold, etc. Here our main focus will be on rain. We would direct you, how to keep the rain out of the screen porch? Although it is a little bit hard to keep every raindrop aside from the screen porch, still you can get a weatherproof screen porch up to some extent.

Your struggle and investment can lead you towards success. There are many effective ways for keeping the rain at a distance from the porch. All you need is to stick with this page from top to bottom. It will surprise you, how easy it is to achieve your target!!

You can keep your costly furniture on the porch but it may be unsafe due to certain factors. Thanks to the skilled architects who suggest some tips to keep the rain out of the screen porch. It depends on your budget. If you succeed in keeping the rain away from the porch, it means you have achieved nature’s friendship.

What Is Screen Porch

A beautiful house with a white color screen porch

What is a porch? “A porch is a covered area connected with the house entrance often having a separate roof. Its main purpose is to entertain and provide fresh air to the residents”

A screen porch is an exterior of the house surrounded by glasses or something transparent. Most of the time people ask about the purpose of the screen porch, it doesn’t permit mosquitoes, bugs, and all harmful insects inside including rain. As a result, you can gather inside screened windows without any disturbance. You can enjoy rainfall /snowfall from the screen porch.

Keep Rain Out of Screen Porch

You can keep harsh elements (including rain)  at a distance if you pay attention to the following tips.

Install Awning

The first thing that you can check is installing an awning. As you know awning comes within different fabrics designs. It covers your whole porch area from harsh elements. You can keep rain aside from the screened porch in an easy way. If heavy rain doesn’t strike your screen with an awning. It means you install your awning perfectly.

You wouldn’t observe scratches on the screened porch if you choose high-quality awning for your porch. It comes within two different designs one is retractable and the other is fixed. Each one has its own merits and demerits.

Anyhow retractable awning is expensive as compared to fix due to its retraction (you can remove it manually or with a motor device). The fixed awning remains to fix all the time. You can’t retract it that’s why it is cheap in price.

Weather-Resistant Shades

You may be familiar with the term (weather-resistant shades). You need to cover it with the screened porch externally. As it would keep you and your pooch safe from raindrops. It means it can keep away all harsh elements that can destroy your screen porch.

You can do get together with your family without any hesitation on your porch if your porch exterior is covered with weather-resistant shades. The interesting thing relevant to these shades is that you can remove them in fine weather.

Similarly, it wouldn’t permit the heat of the sun to enter the porch. In this way, your screened porch is more resistant to breaking as compared to without shades. We suggest the standard variety of shades for its long-lasting features. They are available in many cute colors easy to use and quick to dry.

Cover Screen Porch With Plastic

If you are ready to make your screen porch for winter then you need to cover it with clear vinyl plastic. As you know they will repel water as well as wind. It wouldn’t permit harsh elements inside the porch. There is the possibility of cool winds entrance so, you can get rid of this problem.

You need to follow these steps attentively.

Now you can repeat the whole process again for self-satisfaction. When spring comes then remove the plastic.

Install Storm Window

This is also a golden option for you. As the name storm window indicates that it can handle the storm. It means it is more than good to keep harsh weather away from the porch. Installing storm windows can keep all harsh elements outside including rain, snow, mosquitoes, and bugs, etc. According to function, these are similar to home windows. It can be opened and closed as you need.

It works well to allow fresh and cool air in hot weather. If hot weather turns toward shivering then you can close it effectively, you wouldn’t feel cool no matter how harsh the weather is. However, it costs a bit but provides a guaranteed safety. In fact, it wouldn’t let your comfort disturb you.

Install Jalousie Windows

If you don’t like storm windows then you have another option that is to install jalousie windows. As know, there are rows of glass panels know as louvers. These louvers come in different colors and designs. It depends on your choice. These louvers allow fresh air to enter within its gaps.

Anyhow you can adjust its gapes as you need. If the weather turns to a rainstorm then you can close it to block the rainstorm. While having a jalousie window you wouldn’t be able to watch outside from the porch clearly. If it catches dust you can clean it with a wet fiber cloth effectively. In short, you would have a lot of fun if you install jalousie windows on the porch. 

Install a Drain In The Porch

If rainwater penetrates the porch it means your costly carpets and furniture will get ruin that’s why you need to drain rainwater from the porch as soon as possible. As you know this process isn’t effective to keep the rain outside. However, it will help you to drain rainwater from the porch.

Anyhow if your porch floor is made of wood. You can make a hole with a drill without anyone’s help. If your concrete or metal floor in fact you need to contact a professional architect to drain water from the porch.


A screen porch is an attached area with your apartment where we enjoy outside weather. Sometimes you get worried in bad weather due to insufficient security from harsh elements. If you want to enjoy yourself with family and friends on the porch then you must ensure its safety. If there is something that needs improvement so, don’t compromise on it. Your little investment can bring much comfort to the screened porch.

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