We wait for rain especially in burning summer, when monsoon rain approaches we enjoy it. Besides pleasure, it makes your house dirty too that is a little bit headache for you. It brings with itself mud and flirt. As a result, you feel disrupt in the heavy downpour. Most of the house owners don’t know how to keep the house clean in the rainy season? You can’t tolerate this extra dirt (comes with monsoon rain) to enter your house and ruin indoor things.

If you are clean and freak you wouldn’t leave the dirt inside the house. You can’t sit idly because it is a challenge for you. Commonly, heavy rain accumulates dirt all around the house but you can treat it effectively with a little bit of knowledge. You must take a notice of the debris and mud that hits your house. When you start cleaning your house immediately no one can call it dirty. 

As you know when rainwater comes through the wall and damages the wall’s paint. It occurs due to a careless attitude towards house safety. To keep the house clean in the snowy and rainy season is just a click away. If you go through this page, there is an 80% chance that you can overcome your house debris.

Best Ideas To Keep Your House Clean In rainy Season

A girl to clean her house after rainy weather

Let’s dive into the steps that we have chosen for you. While following these steps, you can keep your house clean in wet weather.

Clean Yourself Before Entering The Home

I think you can’t keep your house clean if you enter your house with dirt. It is more than good to clean yourself while entering the home. When you enter the home after a tiresome journey through a muddy street. You can’t say I,m clean because of street clay with your feet and legs. In this case, taking off shoes isn’t enough.

How to keep yourself clean and neat when you step into the house? We suggest that you need to use a doormat that catches the dirt from your shoes. Also, you can keep a pot/bucket full of water near the doorstep. It will help you to wash your legs, feet, and even shoes (if waterproof). This practice will take some time to adopt, but it will result better after some time. If it is difficult then you can use the common washroom for this purpose. If you want to be a member of a clean house then you will keep it neat every time. 

Prevent and Treat Humid Walls

Prevent and treat with a damp wall

You also have an option to treat a damp wall. If you observe fungus on walls due to rain. It means there is moisture anywhere then you don’t need to discourage it, because you can treat it. Anyhow if you find patches you can stop it from further damage. Your deep search for wall patches can lead you towards its central point.  

Ventilate Your House

As living beings, we need possible airflow. It isn’t only important for our health, It is also important for our house cleanness. If there is poor ventilation at your house it means there is a chance of moisture inside the home. As a result, the fungus will grow at a high rate.

You can get rid of it permanently if you allow more air to enter the house. You need cross ventilation in the house. For this purpose, you need to open all the windows (if not cool). A balance between indoor and outdoor is the best possible solution for condensation. In this way, you will succeed to get rid of the bad smell inside the house in rainy weather. You need to allow a monsoon breeze inside the room after two hours of heavy rainfall. 

Place Shoe Rack Near The Entrance

shoe rack near the entrance with umbrella and rain shoes

The main cause of house dirt is shoe mud. When you enter your house with dirty shoes in rainy weather, you will destroy your house attraction. One possible solution to tackle shoe dirt is to place a shoe rack near the entrance.

If someone asks you, how to keep my house clean in the rainy season? What will you say? You can suggest for him the shoe rack. In this way, your house floor and carpet are out of danger. You can use a shoe rack made of steel, wood, or iron. 

Keep Your Floors Dry

You will have observed that a wet surface catches more dust as compared to a dry surface. If you are in search of a permanent solution to avoid house dirt while raining. You will be in search of that question How to keep the rooms and lawn of house clean in the rainy season. As we have already discussed different tips but you can also get rid of this problem if you keep your home dry.

There are different ways but the most important is proper ventilation. When rain showers good ventilation will keep your house clean. For this purpose, you can open all the doors and windows. You can use a fan to make it dry in heavy rain. If your house is not moisturized it means the fungus growth will no be possible inside. As a result, you can enjoy rainy weather. 

Things To Care Before Rain

When the monsoon is a step away from your area you need to be careful of this. A wise prepare for rain when there is a high expectation of rain. Your little attention can turn away major devastation. It depends on you that how much care you can do for the upcoming monsoon rain. Anyhow the following three points aren’t ignorable.

Check Leak In The Walls

It will be difficult if not possible to avoid rainstorms if there is leakage in the wall. Your main focus for cleaning the house is to stop the growth of moss and fungus. For this purpose, you need to check all over the walls leakage. Unfortunately, if there is any leakage then it will a continuous headache for you. If you fail to block the leakage then contact the expert.

Carpet Care

Your house carpet is in danger if rainwater enters the house. Its permanent solution is that you need to flood the carpets in the rainy season. In this way, it won’t get wet as it will maintain its durability.

Most of the careless home members (especially kids) enter the house with dirty shoes. As a result, they leave debris and shoe mud on the carpet. You can’t tackle this problem permanently without folding the common room carpet. Anyhow you can lock your personal room if you don’t allow mud to enter. 

Wood Protection

According to my observation, 80% of house attraction lies under its wood furniture. If it is shiny and clean, no one can call your house dirty. When rain is approaching we enter the room (having furniture ) with mud and dirty legs. In this way, there is a possibility that it will get moisturize. If we do it on all rainy days very soon will ruin our furniture.

Tips for Proper Storage While Raining

Your domestic equipment needs proper arrangement. If you fail to do so, it means you can provide a breeding site for insects, fungus, etc. Let me elaborate on the topic…


When you are going to store your clothes, Keep them after drying. If you store it within cardboard when there is moisture inside it. there is the possibility of clothes ruining. When raindrops hit the clothes don’t store them immediately. When you are sure that it is dry now, you can keep it in the box or cardboard.


As you know food spoils very soon if rain gets in. Had you ever thought about this? It happens due to moisture. It clears the way to breed the germ inside. As a result, it can cause odor. You will feel irritation inside in heavy rain. You may fall ill very soon in such foul condition. 

Electrical Equipment

Most of the time we install electrical equipment in the main areas of the house. When rain showers as a result of leakage it spoils the whole electrical equipment along with the house decorative paints.

In this way, it is very harmful. You can face a horrible shock due to wet electrical equipment. The only possible solution to this problem is to cover the electric supply immediately. When this danger is over you need to focus on the moisture. Try to block the way of raindrops penetration. 


To summarize the whole discussion, I would like to answer the question “how to keep the house neat and clean in rainy weather? There are certain causes that you need to stop from entering the house. If you succeed in keeping the dirt and mud away from the house, you can retain your house attraction. As you know rain is certain everywhere but the wise tackle it before and the fool mourns when it subsides. We hope you will follow the above-mentioned steps to keep your house clean in the rainy season. 

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