It a very difficult to keep yourself safe and dry from raindrops while walking in the rain. Sometimes you secured your upper with an umbrella, but now your question is how to keep feet dry in the rain then the answer is not quite simple to wear rain boots or waterproof shoes.

There are a number of tips to keep your feet dry, but the main fact is your footwear. Is this is a rain boot? Is this is a waterproof shoe? Yes, if you haven’t then it’s impossible to secure your feet from the water. After getting rain boots or waterproof shoes you should go for these tips to make your walking comfortable in wet condition.

If you haven’t waterproof shoes then okay you will convert your casual shoes into waterproof. Simply spray silicon or other oily substances like wax on your pair of shoe to resist water in wet weather. After this, you need to cover these tips in rainy weather to keep your feet dry and comfortable in the rain.

Search For a Shelter In Sudden Rain

Shelter with cycle to stay dry from rain

Man is created by God. It has intellects and consciousness. If we feel that there is a chance of rain and we aren’t prepared well then our first priority must be to hide from raindrops. We need to find shelter as soon as possible. It may be a tree or building on the way.

Also, this is only possible If you aren’t in a hurry, but when you are in hurry. You need to carry on your walk towards destiny. In a normal situation, if you wait you can keep your feet and whole body dry. Stay for a few minutes enables us to cover more distance easily. 

Wear A Pair Of Rain Boots

A man walking in rain water but keep their feet dry with rain boots

You can’t even think about rain safety (especially feet). If you don’t have suitable rain boots or waterproof shoes. As you know there are countless brands that withstand a heavy downpour. You can select rubber rain boots to avoid leaking. Also, they will keep your jeans safe, perfect for mud and puddles while walking in rainy weather.

It will ensure your feet safety. If you want everyday rain boot, then you can pick the best rain boots for walking. For those who walk within standing water (for fishing etc). They can purchase waders instead of rain boots.

Anyhow there are different design rain boots available for your feet. Thanks to extra tall and wide rain boots that keep our calves and ankle safe from the harsh elements.

Water-Resistant Or Waterproof Rain Boots

Water-resistance is slightly different from waterproof because we always feel relaxed in water-resistant rain stuff as compared to waterproof. Waterproofs reduces the breathability ratio. As a result, we feel suffocated within a few hours.

If you are looking for long-distance and heavy rain then you need to pick waterproof. They will keep your feet dry for hours while walking and working in the rain. If you are looking for light rain or casual use then go for the water resistance (it can handle light rain, not for heavy rain). Also, you can use them as everyday shoes.

Go For Some Quality Overshoes

Overshoes to make your shoes waterproof and leak-proof

This is also one of the alternate options to keep your feet dry. If your shoe isn’t rain shoes then they will make your pair of shoe waterproof. While having a suitable rain cover, you can tackle heavy downpour. The interesting fact about rain cover is that you can pull on/off it easily.

When you are on the way you can pull on your overshoes on your casual shoes to make them waterproof that’s why you don’t need to invest in rain boots. It’s expensive as compared to overshoe, you can handle your heavy downpour with a low investment. It a very easy to use, you can remove it quickly if you feel irritation. There will be no issue with breathability if your rain cover is 100% waterproof.

Use Wool Socks

Use a wool sock to keep your feet dry and warm

If there is winter and it’s time for heavy drizzling then you will worry a little bit about your feet. How to keep your feet dry in winter rain? Most of the experts have the opinion that wool socks are also best for feet safety during winter and cool weather rain. It sounds strange but it is a fact. There are certain high qualities of wool that have the capability to absorb moisture.

Wool socks are moisture-wicking and lightweight too. If by chance a little rainwater enters the shoes. There you can’t do any without absorbing it. Only wool socks make it possible. Anyhow, it can’t do as a waterproof material does but still, it can keep your feet dry up to some extent. It also handles sweat if the rain turns to a light drizzle. It will absorb it quickly.

Wrap your Feet WIth Plastic Bags

Wrap you feet with plastic bag to stay dry in rain

It seems awkward but it is a very effective method. If rain is unpredictable and you have no option then it is the best way for your feet’ safety. You can cover your feet with a plastic bag for some time.

You can do it in an emergency situation if you haven’t any other idea. Also, keep in mind it doesn’t work for a longer period of time. If your feet are allergic to polythene bags then don’t cover them. Anyhow it can minimize your feet’ danger in heavy rainfall.

Avoid Walk-In Water Logging

A man walking in way wear collected rain water avoid to walk in water logging

As you know if there is deep waterlogging and you don’t know then all water can easily enter your feet. It won’t only destroy your shoes but your feet are also in danger. Avoid walking in waterlogging to keep your feet dry and safe.

If you divert your route to your destination then you can save your feet as well as valuable shoes. Anyhow if you put on wader for such purpose. It would be suitable for your welfare.

Anyhow if you have no alternative way then you can keep your toe region in the water. With this, you can keep water pouring inside the rain boots. Similarly, long boots enable you to step in rainwater.

Keep An Extra Pair Of Socks In Pouch

Wool socks pairs in bag for feet safety in rain

There is a possibility to go out in harsh weather. If you are ready for your important trip. You need to keep your feet dry when walking in the rain. It is much disgusting when we walk with wet feet. It is not only irritating but also causes foot diseases and you will feel uncomfortable.

I would like to suggest for you the cheapest rain stuff. It is an extra pair of socks. This extra stuff will maintain your journey. When your first pair of socks get wet. You can change on the spot to feel comfortable.

You can keep it within a glove box or even in a backpack. Keep in such a location where you are sure about its security from rain. So, don’t fear about your next step (but keep this suggestion in mind)

Apply Oily Substance Over Your Shoes

Applying oil substance on casual shoes to make it waterproof

If you want to boost up your old rain boots. There is another option for you. You can apply silicone within the gaps of rain boots. With this, you enable it for wet weather for almost one year because there are certain chemicals that 100% blocks water leakage.

We also suggest other chemicals (oily) to return its shine. Although it may not be effective for special occasions you can keep your feet dry while doing this. An oily substance doesn’t permit a single drop of water across the borders.

If you want the cheapest technique to follow then this is the best option for you. Anyhow this method is not useful for rubber rain boots because oily nature substance removes quickly from a rubber material.

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