How To Keep Car Windows From Fogging Up In The Rain

Driving in rainy conditions leads to fogging on car windows, hindering visibility and safety. It’s natural to seek shelter while driving in the rain, often finding solace within the confines of a car. However, relying solely on seat belts for safety falls short in preventing accidents.

A daunting issue arises during such conditions – the formation of condensation, resulting in mist-covered car windshields. This poses a significant challenge and begs the question: How can one prevent car windows from fogging up during rainy weather?

Some drivers resort to the immediate but ineffective solution of stepping out to manually wipe away the fog. Unfortunately, this approach falls short. Unclear visibility not only jeopardizes your vehicle but also your own safety. It’s akin to deceiving oneself. Fortunately, mitigating fog on your car’s windshield and windows isn’t a complex ordeal.

By focusing entirely on this article, you’ll uncover various straightforward techniques to prevent fogging, particularly in rainy conditions.


Why does the car’s window fog up?

Condensation is a process that causes fog in your car’s glasses.” When the cool and hot air meets at a certain point it creates fog”.Most of the time the hot air from outside collides with the car’s inside cool air (when the AC is on) causes unclear visibility. Sometimes the cool air enters inside the hot car(when the engine is on), as a result, it fogs up inside the car. 

Note: Condensation occurs throughout the car’s body but we observe it on the glasses(windshield and windows). A car’s glasses are transparent that is why it lets the fog appear.    


You can keep the fog away from your car easily if you follow the following tips.

Open the window:

The first and most effective way to handle fog is to open the car’s window. This method is will defog your car within a movement. You can do it if there isn’t rain outside. When you open the window it means you allow the hot car’s air to escape. In this way, you will reduce the chance of hot and cool air collisions. As a result, you will drive with clear windshield visibility. You can do it for all-season fog.

You need to open the window up to your height. In this way, you will maintain internal & external temperature on the same scale. It is obvious that there will be no fog anymore. If there is a chance of rain penetration then you can skip this method to defog your car’s glasses.

Check your weatherstripping:

You have another option that is to check the car’s weatherstripping. If there is any leak the fogging up is possible. When weatherstripping deteriorates you can face a continuous headache. Most people don’t notice weatherstripping deterioration that why they are in constant trouble.

We need to check it well everywhere. In Fact, if it succeeds in finding faults you will repair it. If the situation is more than worse then don’t compromise on replacement. When weatherstripping is out of order then it will permit cool/hot air penetration. As a result, your car’s windows and the windshield will fog up easily.

Keep silica gel inside the car:

It is a substance that has the ability to absorb moisture. Why is it useful to defog a car’s window? If you put silica gel inside the car in large quantity then it wouldn’t let your car fog up. As you know, it is a substance with low pressure than the surrounding environment.

Water particles can easily stick to the silica gel surface. It depends on the quantity of substance and the level of fog. You need to place enough silica gel that is capable of absorbing the car’s internal moisture. Anyhow it will act fast if the quantity is appropriate to absorb the car’s internal moisture. 

Turn your heat on:

If your car has a heater then there is no difficulty in defogging your windshield and windows. You can heat up your car’s internal temperature. In this way, you can maintain the temperature inside and outside the car. When you turn on the car heater it has dual benefits for you.

  • You wouldn’t feel cool anymore no matter how harsh the weather is. 
  • It will maintain temperature to defog your car’s glasses

Decrease the temperature inside the car:

This is also an easy way to clear out the fog. If you want to defog your car you can simply reduce the car’s internal temperature. As you know if you maintain internal and external temperature. It means you can handle them for some time. This method is applicable in hot weather rain otherwise you will feel chilly if you reduce the car’s internal heat.

You can reduce heat in two ways. To reduce AC speed or increase the fan speed. However, if you are mentally prepared then you can reduce the car’s internal heat even in winter. For this, you need to have extra clothes. It is a fact when both (internal & external) remain the same the defogging occurs.

Recirculate fresh air:

As you know your respiratory system is always in search of fresh air. That’s Why you can’t only defog your car but also inhale fresh air in this method. It is also known as “fresh air mode”.At your car’s dashboard, you can recirculate fresh air inside the car. Your circulation starts with you turning the button.

When the fogging up occurs its cause is a difference in temperature. This recirculation does nothing but maintain temperature. As a result, it can defog your car’s windshield and windows within a movement. Anyhow this is not the proper solution because fogging still works in emergency situations.

Windscreen wash

If the weather is out of control in winter then what to do in such conditions? So, don’t worry you can solve this problem. Your car’s windshield wouldn’t catch fog if you apply windscreen wash. It comes within the liquid form. It is very efficient because it can stop water freezing (you wouldn’t face any water freezing more). If you want to clean your windshield this will act as a cleaning agent. Anyhow this way of handling rain fog is considered an effective one.  


We often hate to drive in rainy weather due to continuous fogging up. That is not the solution to this problem. We need to drive with sufficient knowledge about cars. If we focus on the above certain tips. We hope you wouldn’t find any difficulty regarding rain fog. As you know fogging up isn’t a big problem if you are aware of the solution to this issue.

Driving in rainy weather can be a challenging experience due to the continuous fogging up of the windows. However, by having sufficient knowledge about our cars and following the tips discussed, we can reduce the difficulty and ensure a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

At Raincorner, we aim to provide our readers with the latest and most effective solutions to this issue. So, stay tuned to our website for updates and more information on how to tackle rain fog while driving.

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