Attending college in rain is like a pain in the ass because college items get wet if you haven’t a waterproof backpack. In fact, a student can’t miss important lectures merely because of heavy rain. If you get the idea that how to keep backpack dry in rain college? You will boost up your college essentials secure from rainfall. To keep all the college stuff dry, you must be in search of waterproof backpacking.

How to get the best ideas regarding backpacking? It depends on your interest, your area’s and climate conditions. Some student covers their laptops, notebooks, etc within polythene cover. Others prefer an umbrella to secure things, but these are time-consuming jobs and not sufficient some time such as during biking, hiking, and traveling. You may get wet up to covering the stuff.

To solve this issue just get a fully waterproof backpack. Already If you skipped this feature within a backpack selection, then stay tuned with us we will guide you that how to keep your backpack dry in rain college.

     How to Waterproof Your Backpack

A girl wear a back backpack college student crossing a street

If you want to make your backpack waterproof then follow this page you will get the best ideas to keep your backpack dry in wet weather.

     Waterproof Pack Line

waterproof pack line on wooden background to keep your backpack dry in wet weather

The most tricky way to waterproof your backpack is to add a waterproof pack liner. There is a certain option with you to choose a plastic i.e you can use large tough plastic. It will give you extraordinary results even crossing the lake. To make the backpack fully waterproof, seal it by twisting or with a knot. Some people use rubber for this purpose.

Advantages of Pack Line

Adding a pack line is the best way to keep a backpack dry in rain, especially attending college. If you trap sufficient air in the pack line while packing, You can cross the river with it easily. It will float due to inside air. A pack like this will boost up its buoyancy. Your backpack will act as a giant floating.

Disadvantages of pack line

If there is a minute tear or crack in the pack liner then you can’t use it in rain with confidence. Unfortunately, If it is your single line of dependence. It will boost up your backpack safety in rainy weather. 

Waterprrof Your Backpack With Pack Cover

You have another option to add a pack cover with your backpacking. It will act as additional security from the heavy downpours. Most of the bags come with a pack cover. The pack cover is used externally to secure your backpack. Anyhow besides its advantages, there are some drawbacks too. It may not tackle rainstorms. Sometimes we don’t notice the shoulder area, It gets wet because we leave it mistakenly. It is less efficient as compared to pack liner because you can’t cross river/pond confidently. Overall this technique will result in more positive than negative impacts.

Use a Polythene Bag

If you search for the cheapest solution to keep the backpack dry in rain just grab a polythene bag. It is fully waterproof in nature and won’t let a single drop of rain enter the backpack. You must cover your college stuff within a backpack before it’s packing in a plastic bag for better results. In fact, students use it to keep backpacks dry on an urgent basis. When you find shelter you can throw it.

When rain is about to shower all you need to do is pick just a neat and clean polythene bag. We often face the size issue. Just compare the size of the plastic bag and your backpack for a better result. It doesn’t require much space. You can carry 2,3 extra for emergency situations.

Use a Rain Poncho

Just go through the best rain poncho if you don’t have a pack cover or pack liner. This option will keep rainwater at a bay. You can choose your favorite color if you don’t want to sacrifice your style in college. If you cover your backpack with a rain poncho, you can keep your college backpack dry for hours. It is the best option for those who go to college on foot but also you can use it while biking in rain.

In spite of rain protection, it will provide comfort and insulation. However, it is possible for rain to reach the backpack in strong winds. Overall, It works well and you can manage it at a reasonable price.

Use Spray Sealant

You can use the spray sealant to waterproof your backpack if you can’t manage other areas to withstand rain. If you observe a bit of moisture inside the backpack. You can apply spray sealant to block minute holes within a backpack to avoid another purchase. This spray is equally useful for rain tents, rain jackets, rain ponchos, along with backpacks. It isn’t much used to block moisture from the zip lock region.

Some people get worried that spray sealant destroys the outer of the backpack, they are right up to some extent. Some spray sealants include gruff chemicals that damage the outer layer. That’s Why always choose the standard spray to reproof the destroyed coating of backpacks

Search For Shelter

Of course! When rain hits your body suddenly, It is natural to get confused about what to do? It happens when we don’t have enough stuff to face a rain shower. In this situation, you need to choose a porch, verandah and even shady tree  hide tounder it for some time. You need to search for shelter when clouds intend to shower. This will be your nice decision to take immediately. Anyhow, you can skip this, if you are getting late. You need to carry on even with an umbrella or with a rain poncho when you can’t wait for rain subsidence. 

How to Choose a Backpack For College

College student with backpack reading book by sea on pier in Odessa on rainy autumn day

Waterproof  v/s Water-Resistant Backpack

Most of us get confused with these two terminologies. They are used for raincoats, pants, and backpacks, etc. Let’s know how they differ from each other? It is simple you can say that a backpack is waterproof if it doesn’t permit a single drop of rain into the backpack. However, waterproof backpacks come with coated zips different from ordinary zip, because in it tiny holes are possible. You can say a backpack will waterproof if your laptop, books, notebooks, etc can’t get wet inside a bag.

As compared to waterproof rain bag water-resistant bag is less waterproof. You can use it for light rain. It resists rain but up to some degree. However, you can pick a water-resistant bag if there is light rain is expected. So, be careful to keep things it is raining cats and dogs. Your minute careless behavior will damp all the bag essentials.   

Search for zip lock bags

The next tip you can search to keep your backpack dry in the rain while going to college is the zip lock. If you choose the seam-sealed zip lock, then you can enjoy wet weather. While choosing the zip lock bag you need to focus on waterproof. It may not tackle heavy rain but still, it will resist raindrops to penetrate. Waterproof zip will provide easy access to stationary, laptop and water bottle, etc along with rain safety. If you pick your backpack with multi pockets and a ziplock. It will provide ample storage for your college essentials.  

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men Work College Gift,Casual Daypack
  • [Large Capacity and Organized] Tzowla backpack has one separate laptop compartment that can hold any laptop up to 15.6 inch. It also has one spacious compartment for storing any item like daily necessities, tech related items, accessories, toiletries and many more. The front compartment comprises of many pockets, key hook to store your item in an organized manner and easier to find.
  • [USB and Headphone Port] This backpack has external USB port with built-in charging cable offers convenient charging your cellphone by connecting your own power bank. The headphone port outside gives easy access to Earphone usage as well.
  • [Anti-Theft Design] This backpack has fixed password lock and durable metal zippers. You can rest assured that the items inside are safe and secure without worrying about theft.
  • [Multipurpose Design] This backpack is made up of high-quality polyester fabric material and comfortable wide padded shoulder strap design which makes it easy to carry around. It is also unisex design and has various built-in compartments as well which makes it perfect for daily use at office and travel.(This product is suitable for people over 15 years old.)
  • [Durable] The outer dimensions are 18.5 x 11.8 x 5.5 inch and made up of water resistant 300D outer nylon and a protected soft cushioned inside give exceptional sturdiness and longevity. The tough materials will withstand ripping and abrasion, ensuring a long-lasting use. It can also carry your equipment like water bottle, tablets, journal, pen, cellphone, etc.


You can keep heavy rain away from your backpack easily. If you pay attention to the above guidelines. You can tackle the harshest weather effectively. You can welcome rainstorm if you know how to keep your backpack dry when its rains. The most suitable way to handle rain is the backpack liner and backpack cover technique. Although it cost a bit but will keep heavy rain aside permanently. You need to prefer a backpack with an additional pack cover without additional cost. If you can’t afford it you can use a rain poncho or an umbrella as well for a sudden rainfall.  

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