If you have observed that rain in winter reduces the normal flow of life, Have you ever thought about this? Why we are unable to run our routine life? Although we wear a different dress to avoid shivering weather, but still why we fail to warm our bodies? The problem isn’t the winter cool, but the problem is the lack of awareness. We have clarified this statement in this article that how to dress for cold rainy weather. You can get enough knowledge whenever you go through this page.

It is quite simple to tackle this issue to dress for cold rainy weather. Your body needs warmth from head to toe along with a stylish look. You can cover your whole body with different cold rain stuff. Anyone can defeat the cold rainy day if he knew about winter rain outfits. For this purpose, you need several rain gears like (rainproof gloves, woolen socks, warm rain shoes, and rain jacket, etc) to make yourself warm as well as attractive.

If you don’t compromise on winter rainy weather, it means you are brave enough to face drop temperature due to wet weather. Here are the tips that are highly recommended for how to dress for cold rainy weather?

How To Cover Up Everywhere?

beautiful romantic girl in a rainy cold weather coat and hat with a transparent umbrella

Most of the time we get stuck in heavy rain. If we aren’t fully covered we can feel shivering. It is great to know about the trick that can keep our bodies warm and dry in cool rainy weather. When raindrops have a chance to touch our bodies, then we are in danger. To avoid this we need to wear different rain gears.

Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

a boy and girl in rainy weather wearing a rain jacket and rain pant

If you are thinking about how to dress in cold rainy days? You can’t ignore a waterproof woolen jacket and pants. A rain jacket and pants can keep your body enough warm that you won’t notice cold. While going out, you need a fabric jacket and pants. If you are going to purchase rain stuff, It outer layer must be waterproof to keep you dry from rain element. While choosing the best brand you need proper attention. Your little bit of ignorance can lead you towards insufficient rain stuff.

Different Layers of Rain Jacket and Rain Pant

There are three different layers of rain outfit. It depends on your area and the range of coolness. These layering techniques can be adjusted for different conditions. Basically, there are three layers of dressing (you can call it levels). let’s start…

Inner Layer

The first and most important layer while dressing is the base layer (inner). This layer touches our body, it can play a key role in keeping the body dry especially in little precipitation but it tackles heavy rain too. In this way, you won’t feel chilly because a wet body causes cool. This underwear dress wicks with the body surface (If not too much tight). In this way, it would absorb body moisture like perspiration or rain moisture.

How to choose the material of inner layer dressing? Most of the people ask. It is very simple you can choose synthetic materials like polyester etc. You can choose the waterproof wool fabric dress too for better results. Anyhow you can wear underwear even in a rainstorm with additional outer layers.

Middle Layer

It comes in between the base layer and outer layer. This layer is considered most important for all seasons but very useful for medium weather (spring). You need to keep some important points in mind while choosing rain stuff to tackle cold rainy weather.

Outer layer

As you know this layer is considered the outermost layer. It is useful to keep your body away from rain, snow, and cool winds, etc. This additional layer ensures your safety no matter how harsh the weather is. If you are about to purchase rain gear then what to choose in the rain gear to get rid of freezing rainy weather. Follow the following points 

Warm Rain Boots and Woolen Socks

waterproof rain boots wear in winter wet weather to keep feet dry

You have another golden idea that how to keep your feet dry and warm while raining, which is warm rain boots with woolen socks. Most of the time we ignore rain boots. When we feel cold in winter rainy weather. The cold normally starts from the toe region. If your feet can’t conquer harsh weather, then It is nearly impossible to feel comfortable.

If you put on woolen socks in winter wet weather, it means you will be comfortable. Anyhow the woolen socks along with warm rain boots won’t only tackle cold rainy weather but will improve your working capabilities.

Hat and Gloves

A cute girl with rainproof gloves and and hat in cold bad weather

As you know, you want to protect your extremities from getting cold while in the winter rain. Had you ever thought about what to do with your head? You can warm it within a single blink of an eye. When your head remains dry in wet weather, you can overcome cold up to 60%. for this purpose you need to use the waterproof hood of your rain jacket, if you haven’t a hood with your rain jacket then you can buy a waterproof rain hat manually.

The same is the case with gloves. If you want to enjoy heavy rainfall no matter how cold the weather. You can do it if you put on remarkable warm rainproof gloves. If you want to drive a bike or work outside in wet weather the waterproof winter gloves can manage it.

To Block Winds

If you live in an area where strong winds blow then you need proper protection. You need to purchase a windproof rain jacket and pants that can block the wind. In the plain area, there is less expectation of wind as compared to hilly regions. Overall, you need to check your rain stuff waterproof and windproof levels.


A girl leg with a warm rain boots and umbrella

No matter how advanced is the era (in which we living), we can’t ignore the umbrella. As you know, If our body is safe from raindrops then there is little chance for us to catch a cold. However, in certain cases, we don’t recommend umbrellas for rain safety such as


To conclude the above discussion, As a guide, I hope you would have read the whole article. To dress for cold rainy and snowy weather, don’t compromise on the rainproof warm outfit. If you are warm you can enjoy the harsh weather and vise versa. Try to follow a way to handle cold wet weather then you can achieve your goal of rain protection. If you don’t know how to pick a dress then we suggest choosing as your area’s weather deserves. 

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