Frequently Asked Question For Camping In The Rain

It is fact, to stay dry while camping in the rain then you need a waterproof tent. Without proper knowledge about camping, you can’t enjoy your camping because you face several problems during camping in wet weather. Here we will answer (according to expert campers) the following question that how to stay safe and dry while in rain.

How To Keep Your Tent Off The Ground

Platform and ground tarp to keep your tent off the ground

As you know you are very excited about your camping, but you are worried about wet weather then you have solved this problem with waterproof tent. Now how you can install a tent in wet weather. The answer of this question, it is a very important to keep your tent off the ground to avoid puddles and other solid materials. Here we will discuss two methods to keep your tent off the ground to avoid wetting your tent floor.

Install Your Tent On The Platform

As you know rain waters come toward your tent and there is a chance to get wet your tent floor that’s why you need to make a woody portable platform. You can make this yourself or through a carpenter if you aren’t adept in woodwork.

At last, insert your tent over the platform at this you can keep your rain tent off the ground. If you install it over a platform now your tent floor is safe from coming water. Also, with this, you and your family will feel safe and secure from all insects and other harsh elements.

Why Platform

This is much helpful if the ground is rough or muddy. The platform height must be approximately 8 to 10 inches from the earth’s surface. The interesting thing camper noticed It can handle snow too. Above ground, set-up will keep all factors (water, snow, etc) out.

Insulate a Tent With a Ground Tarp

You can keep insulation between a rain tent and the floor, for this purpose you can use a ground tarp. A ground tarp is a sheet-like material that you spread over the floor. In this way, it will provide good insulation of the tent with the ground if they are muddy or uneven. Most of the tent includes a ground tarp. If not included, you can manage it within a friendly budget. A ground tarp can make it easy to keep the moisture outside. You can enjoy your gathering (no matter how harsh the weather be). If you use a ground tarp let’s sleep comfortably in your waterproof tent. 

How To Keep Your Tent Dry Inside

Most of the people asked this question on camping groups and pages on different social media. How to keep my tent dry inside while camping in the rain. To answer this question most experienced camper recommend two methods, to attach a rainfly and choose a proper location for your tent.

To Attach a Rain Fly

At first, you need to attach a rain fly, then you need to choose such an area that is protected from harsh weather. It is common sometimes you are in search of good ventilation in summer that’s why most of us remove rain fly. If rain is unpredictable the first thing you need is to attach a tent rain fly. With this, the raindrop doesn’t touch your tent surface. It will ensure to keep it dry inside

Choose Proper Location

If you are unaware of the proper location. You can’t install a rain tent in a better way. While installing a rain tent you must choose a raised ground, with this you will decrease flood chance). Similarly, if your rain tent windows and door are in the opposite direction to the wind. 

How To Keep Tent Floor Dry In The Rain

Ground sheet and rain fly to waterproof your tent to keeps its floor dry

The most important issue we often face is that sometimes our tent floor gets wet. Once your tent floor gets wet then you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a tent. So, there are different methods that camper use to keep a tent floor dry.

Waterproof Your Tent

In this method, It is necessary to waterproof your tent floor. The factory makes rain tents waterproof but not enough (especially factory waterproofs its inside floor). You need to seal its outside floor (to ensure waterproofing ability). Point to be noted, You must do that when the tent is dry. Waterproofing a wet rain tent is not effective enough.

Dig a Drainage Ditch

You can keep the rainwater aside to prevent your tent floor from getting wet. After choosing the proper location, we need to dig a ditch around the tent then measure the ditch’s deepness. It must be a minimum of 4 inches deep. They will block the way to the entrance. Such ditch must be deep up to 4,5 inches. Most of the time water downpour penetrates the rain tent. 

With this, you will get better results in heavy rain. It is a cheap and effective way to block rainwater penetration. It will provide enough facility to store/absorb rainwater.

How To Secure a Tent In High Winds

Premium quality stakes and ropes to secure your tent in high wind

It is very common problem for all camper to withstand there tent in high winds. As you know you maybe face this problem that’s why you need all gears for bad weather to secure your tent in high wind. Here are the two suggestion from expert campers (below discussed) follow these two steps and secure your tent.

Check Wind Direction

According to the experienced campers. They claim to check the wind direction well. Your priority must be that the minimum area of your tent confronts the wind. Within the opposite direction of winds, your tent will withstand better. Your tent will be secure 60% in this method of installation. This is much easy to check the wind direction. You don’t need to invest an additional fortune for wind security. So, follow this method to get rid of tent weddings out.

Use Premium Stakes & Ropes

In this method, you must pay focus on standard stakes and ropes. (don’t compromise on quality). You can avoid strong wind disturbance. If your tent consists of high-quality stakes. These stakes will confront strong wind. In the stronger wind, you can keep weighty stones on these stakes (for additional safety). This will only be effective If the tent ropes are tied with 45-degree angles. Otherwise, it can weed out in the strong wind.

Can You Sleep In a Tent In The Rain

A man sleeping in tent while its raining outside

Yes, you can sleep in a tent when it’s raining, for this purpose you need a waterproof tent free from leaking and also you need to prevent your tent floor from getting wet. Also here are the two expert suggestion that how to sleep in a tent when it’s raining.

Don’t Sleep Tight

If you don’t have experienced camping before, then it is for you. The most important thing that you need is “don’t sleep tight”. It is a fact you can face difficulties while camping(especially in snow/rain). You must sleep like a soldier on the battlefield. If the weather is favorable, Still you need to care about wild animals (especially in the forest). If you are sleeping not tight. You can combat all outside factors.

Ventilate Your Tent

Most people feel suffocated while sleeping in a tent. This problem we face due to the lack of fresh air inside. To avoid this problem you need to open the vents a little while sleeping.

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