Going on a camping trip is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of daily life, but you need the proper equipment if you want things to go smoothly. A rainproof camping tent is an essential tool because it can keep you comfortable even during unpredictable rainstorms. We have scoured the web for some of the best tents for camping in the rain, but first, we’d like to give you an overview of the features a top-notch rain tent should have. Check out our buying guide to learn more. After that, you can look through our top 7 list to pick out the best tent for your needs!

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Top 7 Tents for Camping in Rain

  1. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent In The Rain

Access Ports

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent In The Rain comes with several access ports that let you bring cables in. You can connect these cables to a generator and charge your phones and flashlights and use various electrical appliances such as electric kettles or hotplates.

Storage Space

Another feature that makes this tent quite convenient to use is the ample storage space. This tent comes with several handy storage compartments that can be sealed to provide further waterproofing. These pockets are essential for storing items that you might suddenly need.


A combination of welded corners and adequate flysheets make the Coleman Sundome Camping Tent In The Rain excellent at keeping rainwater out. Also, this tent is made with polyester taffeta. That’s one of the most water-resistant materials available right now, so there’s no chance of leaks.


This tent’s polyester taffeta design doesn’t just make it waterproof; it makes it highly durable as well. You can take this tent on a strenuous camping trip, and rest assured that it won’t rip or get worn out over time. That’s a level of confidence few other tents can provide.


This tent has both window and ground vents which significantly boost ventilation. That’s perfect for camping in humid climates that see heavy rainfall. Opening up opposing vents creates a cooling cross breeze that lets you sleep comfortably at night.


If you’re planning on going on a solo camping trip or with one other person, this tent is sized perfectly for you. It might get a little snug for groups of three, though.

The Downsides

We tried setting the tent up individually since it’s the right size for a comfortable solo camping trip. However, we found that it was challenging to set up without at least one other person, which is a bit of a drawback. Also, we tested this tent out with colder temperatures and felt that it was lacking in that department, so it might not work in cold regions. The vents also let a lot of cold air in, making this tent further unsuitable for winter camping.



  1. 2-Person Tent, Water Resistant Dome Tent


This 2-Person Tent, Water Resistant Dome Tent uses the ideal combination of polyurethane and 190T polyester, which brings many advantages. Finding a durable tent is essential, but some tents take things too far and become heavy as a result. That’s not suitable for camping trips where you need to pack lightly to avoid fatigue. Hence, we liked how the manufacturer’s choice of materials created a tent that’s both durable and lightweight.


There are three aspects of this tent’s design that stood out to us. Firstly, the D-shaped door is convenient. It allows for easy entry and exit without creating too much opening for debris or dust to enter.

Also, the dome-shaped tent design significantly boosts this product’s water resistance. Some tents fail in the waterproofing category by letting water pool up and drip through on the surface, so it’s great that this tent takes care of that by allowing the water to flow down instead.

Finally, this tent’s design includes a set of opposing windows that can generate a cooling cross breeze, perfect for camping in warm to hot climates.


It’s not just the lightweight fabric used in this tent that makes it portable. This product also comes with a storage bag that’s the perfect size. It lets you store the tent for later use without taking up too much room in your backpack, and the tent stakes can be stored in the bag too so that they don’t damage your personal belongings. The rain flies are detachable, too, which means you can keep them separately for extra space-saving.

The Downsides

While we mostly loved this tent, we felt that the zippers were a bit too fragile. We stress-tested them to see how much strain they could take, and they broke rather quickly, so you should be careful. Another downside to this tent is that it’s a bit too small for groups of more than two, and even that might be a tight squeeze.



  1. 6-Person Tent, Weather Resistant Dome Tent for Camping


Solo or couple camping trips are fun, but nothing can compare to the enjoyment of an extensive group trip. The 6-Person Tent, Weather Resistant Dome Tent for Camping is one of the largest tents we found, and it can easily fit up to six people without getting too cramped. The tent is surprisingly light, too, despite its size. That’s impressive because most tents for medium to large groups can get quite bulky, and they often make your luggage too heavy.


The 6-Person Tent, Weather Resistant Dome Tent for Camping uses a polyurethane coating on top of its polyester construction to create a water-resistant film. This layer creates surface tension that stops water from leaking through the gaps in the fabric, and the tent also comes with a detachable rain fly that you can use to increase waterproofing. Sometimes heavy rain can start to leak in through openings in your tent so that the rain fly can come in handy in those situations. The fact that it’s detachable means that you can remove it if you want to improve ventilation.


Convenience is an essential aspect of camping in general, and your tent should help you enjoy a certain level of comfort by providing convenience. One part of this tent’s convenience that we loved was its many handy interior pockets for storage. It also has several access ports for electricity, so you can leave your devices charging in the storage pockets when you don’t need them. This would let you stay connected with the outside world in case you need help while camping.

The Downsides

The main issue we had with this tent was that it lacked ventilation when at capacity. It’s designed for up to six people, but we felt that the ventilation was below par when we tested it with more than four people. It got slightly stuffy in the tent when six people were in there. This product might not be suitable for large expeditions in warmer climates, although it’d be highly suited to colder regions regardless of how many people you fit in it.



  1. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Large Rain Tent


The Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Large Rain Tent is so big that it’s hard to fathom. Being inside this tent is like sitting inside a master bedroom because it’s so large! We felt really comfortable thanks to the roominess of this tent, and up to a dozen people can sleep comfortably with plenty of personal space. There aren’t a lot of tents of this size, so this product is ideal if you want something for large groups.


We really appreciated the manufacturer’s effort in facilitating privacy in the Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Large Rain Tent. The tent comes with a handy divider curtain placed in the center of the interior space. You can draw this curtain to create two separate rooms, each with its own zippered door. That can let you spread out comfortably without worrying about invading anyone else’s space, and it also enables travelers to change their outfits without having to go outside.


As we have mentioned above, this tent comes with two separate doors. Putting up the divider curtain separates them, but leaving them open facing each other can create a wonderful cross-breeze. Such a breeze is ideal for airing the tent out or keeping occupants cool if it’s warm outside. The tent also has some windows that can further increase breeze levels and allow wind to pass through easily.

The Downsides

For all of the benefits of this beautiful tent, there are some drawbacks too. Firstly, since this is a huge tent, you should expect to spend a fair bit of time setting it up. Setting this tent up is a three-person job, and even with three people, it would take a long time. Also, we felt that this tent should have had more pockets, given its size. The lack of pockets is a definite downside in an otherwise excellent tent.



  1. Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Camping Tent

Size and Design

Offering around 68 inches of central height, the Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Camping Tent is great for people that want to enjoy the camping experience inside their tent. The adequate size lets tall people sit or crouch inside the tent with ease, and the tent provides enough interior space for six people as long as they don’t mind a bit of a squeeze. Camping is all about getting outside of your comfort zone after all, so this tent scores high marks in the size category. Campers can remove the rain fly opposite the D-shaped door to create a cross breeze which is a smart way for this manufacturer to solve the breathability problem.


A six-person tent would generally be heavy, but the Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Camping Tent manages to keep things relatively light. Some camping trips require you to hike through rough terrain, and carrying a heavy tent on your back can become burdensome. That’s why this tent’s lightweight nature is unique, in our opinion. It lets you enjoy a spacious camping experience without setting yourself up for back pain.

Ease of Use

Most large tents are very complicated to set up, so we were pleasantly surprised when we tried to install this tent because it wasn’t difficult at all. The setup took a few minutes, and it’s an easy two-person job. Also, this tent comes with six ropes and twelve stakes, so the short setup time is even more impressive. These ropes and stakes are great for windy conditions because they can make your tent more stable, something that becomes increasingly important as you trek to higher altitudes with stronger winds.

The Downsides

We had mixed feelings about the screen room that comes with this tent. It can be enjoyable on a sunny day because you can enjoy the fresh air without letting any insects in, but the screen mesh can become a significant point of weakness if it rains. It would be best to cover it with a tarp or some other layer of water protection. The rest of the tent is perfectly waterproof, but the screen room underperformed in that respect.



  1. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping


Every tent comes with a door, but sometimes this door can let insects and other foreign elements into your safe space. The Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping has Velcro closures on its door to prevent that. The Velcro closures are easy to open from the inside, which might be helpful if you wake up at night needing the bathroom suddenly. Despite their easy opening from the inside, the closures stay entirely secure and make it difficult to enter from outside when fastened.

Wind Stability

We were impressed by how stable this tent stayed when we tested it with high-speed winds. Our tests involved placing massive fans next to the fully set up tent to see how it would do, and to our surprise, it managed to withstand some above-average wind speeds. The Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping is clearly designed for windy areas. Campers that like to trek to mountainous regions to camp would love this tent since it can protect them from the cruel winds that those areas force them to endure.


This tent comes with a bathtub-style floor which is a waterproof fabric that keeps the ground dry and elevated. A wet floor can be a nightmare to deal with because it can leave you soaked while you’re asleep, so we appreciate that this tent includes a unique waterproofing feature for the floor. The sealed seams also prevent water entry. While the waterproofing in this tent isn’t perfect, it’s more than adequate if you need something basic to keep you dry.

The Downsides

An eight-person tent usually takes a while to set up, but we found this tent’s setup time to be longer than necessary. Easy setups are crucial for a good camping experience, so this disappointed us about this product. Another downside to this tent is that it started to leak when we tested it with high-pressure water. It’ll work well for light to moderate rainfall, but anything beyond that might result in inconvenient leaks because some excellent camping sites see heavy rain. Still, this tent is sufficient for most other camping grounds that don’t get so much rain.



  1. Amazon Basics Outdoor Camping Tent


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, so we expected top-notch waterproofing for them. It met our expectations more or less thanks to the excellent coated polyester that keeps water from leaking in. The surface tension of this material is impressive, and the dome-style design adds to the waterproofing. The dome shape also boosts wind resistance since there are no steep, flat surfaces for wind to push against, which might topple your tent over.


It’s essential to be prepared for all eventualities, so your rain tent should be helpful in sunny conditions as well. Eventually, the rain will stop falling after all, and when that happens, you’d need to coax a breeze into your tent; otherwise, it will start to become uncomfortably warm inside. The Amazon Basics Outdoor Camping Tent has windows that allow you to create a breeze, and you can also remove the rain fly for extra ventilation if required. The rain fly is a great addition that can increase both waterproofing and ventilation based on how you use it.


One thing that stood out to us about this product was how light it was. That’s surprising considering the thickness of the fiberglass poles. The lightweight nature of the poles and stacks makes them easy to pack and take with you on a hike. You can’t expect to drive to every campsite, so buying a lightweight tent for camping is helpful if you’re on foot.

The Downsides

While the thick fiberglass poles might seem durable, we found the opposite is true during stress-testing. The poles won’t snap spontaneously, but any excess pressure could make them crack. Fragile poles can be a safety hazard, so take care while setting this tent up. Durability is something this tent struggles with in general, too. The fabric of the bathtub floor is coated to keep water out, but if something rough scrapes against it like a tree branch or a sharp rock it might pierce the fabric and make a hole. Try to set this tent up on flat, stable terrain to avoid ripping the floor fabric.



Buying Guide

  1. Elevation

A camping tent that offers some elevation is a good buy. It would be best to purchase a tent that keeps you relatively high above the ground. That would help you avoid insect bites and other problems that can occur if your tent is flat on the floor. Some tents come with extendable tent poles that let you achieve this elevation level. Sleeping directly on the floor can also be quite uncomfortable, so try to find a tent that helps you avoid that.

  1. Breathability

Breathability and ventilation often go hand in hand when it comes to tents. That means finding a breathable tent is essential if you want a good experience. A breathable tent allows for optimal ventilation, which can keep you cool during the warm summer months. You can achieve ventilation by opening two opposing windows. However, your tent should also be made of breathable material because leaving windows open at night could be a safety hazard. High breathability levels help you stay cool in warmer climates while keeping the windows shut.

  1. Waterproofing

Top-notch camping tents should use waterproof materials, but that’s not all that matters. Your tent should also be leakproof because incessant rainfall can sometimes create tiny holes that water will start to drip through. A rainfly can help boost waterproofing, and breathability is also a factor to consider here. High breathability levels mean that your tent will keep moist air out as well as rainwater, keeping the interior comfortable and dry all night long.

  1. Durability

Many of the qualities you’d be looking for when buying a tent will be interrelated. If you find a waterproof tent, there’s a high chance it will be durable as well. After all, it’s hard to keep water from leaking in if the material isn’t durable enough to begin with. However, stress testing a camping tent is still essential for ascertaining if it’s good enough. That’s why we specifically tried durability levels for each tent that we included in our top 7 list.

  1. Size

The ideal size for your rainproof camping tent depends on how many people you plan to go camping with. A small tent is adequate for single campers or couples camping for the weekend. However, if you plan to go on extended camping trips with a larger group, it would be best to buy a larger tent that everyone can easily fit into. Larger tents are also helpful if your camping trips last a long time because things can get rather cramped and uncomfortable the longer you stay away from home. We have tried to include tents of varying sizes so that everyone’s needs are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a rain tent for camping worth it?

If you plan on going camping anytime soon, you will definitely need a waterproof tent. Weather patterns can be hard to predict, and nothing ruins an otherwise relaxing camping experience more than a sudden downpour. A rain tent helps keep you safe from that.

2. How can I make my rain tent more effective?

Just because your tent is waterproof doesn’t mean you can’t do a few things to make it more effective. Try placing it on elevated ground so that water flows away from it. Also, if your tent springs a leak, try placing a tarp on it to increase its waterproofing.

3. Why does my tent leak when I touch it?

Waterproof tents rely on surface tension to keep the water out. Touching the outside of your tent breaks this surface tension and causes a few drops of water to fall in. The surface tension returns after a few seconds so don’t worry.


Camping can be a lot of fun, but only if you play your part in keeping yourself dry. Our selection of rain tents can fulfill any requirement, and we have tested all of them out to ensure that they’re worthwhile purchases. Make sure you go through our buying guide first so that you understand why our selections stand out among the rest!

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