Looking to enhance your daily bathing routine? The best rain shower head and handheld combo might be just what you need. When choosing between a standard shower and a rain shower experience, the latter offers a luxurious upgrade that can transform your routine.

Imagine stepping into a shower that emulates the soothing sensation of raindrops falling. A rain shower head and handheld combo provides a wide coverage area that ensures a thorough cleanse in a matter of minutes. The effectiveness of this shower option depends on factors such as its type, material, and water pressure, but with various varieties available, you can find the perfect fit for your preferences.

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What Is the best rain shower?

As we know there are many varieties of rain shower but two are the most common rain shower head and handheld combo. The basic difference between them is that a showerhead has a wide showering area (minimum 6 inches ) and it is in something fix style while a handheld shower has a little high pressure and low showering area

 ( generally 4.5 inches) as compared to the rain shower head. Anyhow, all are best to use, it depends on your area of interest. Everyone has its importance on its use.

How to install the rain shower head

It is very easy to install a rain showerhead, you can easily install the shower head by removing the standard one. There are two options whether you have to install it in the bathroom ceiling or to install it simply in the wall.

Both places are best but in-wall instalment, you would not face any difficulty because you can easily replace it you don’t need a plumber for wall installation if everything is ok.

While if you want to install the showerhead in the bathroom ceiling you can do it easily if you have ceiling setting from the very begging otherwise you will need a plumber. Both are the best places for showering water.

Spray setting

You can manage the shower’s spray according to your need and requirement. You can shower a mist spray that turns water into little droplets. In most showers, an air induction technology is used which can better save water without sacrificing its pressure. There are uncountable varieties of manageable rain showers.

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo

This is one of the marvelous variety of rain showers. The rain shower head owns a push-button,.with the help of this you can easily control the water flow. The interesting thing is that you won’t have to use two hands in its use. Its width is about 9  square inch which will cover your shoulders.

The handheld combo is also interesting because you can use it overhead or in your hands. Its width is about 4.5 inches. Like head rain shower it also owns a push-button that works to control water spray no need to dial the turn. It is tool-free You can easily install it with any standard overhead shower arm. ( no need for any tool).

You can replace it because a company gives you a warranty. If you are not fully satisfied then you can easily change it without more money.

SUNRISE 12 Inches Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo

Prominent and pivotal, the Sunrise 12 inches shower touts an exceptional 10-year warranty. Reinforcing its durability is a solid 15.7-inch all-metal shower arm coupled with an extended 70.8-inch shower hose.

Fashioned from nickel, it boasts corrosion-resistant attributes across all its parts. Further enhancing its prowess, the incorporation of air energy technology empowers heightened water pressure, a boon even in low-pressure scenarios.

Distinguishing itself with water efficiency, the square shower bracket holder and nickel brush contribute to the shower’s remarkable effectiveness. The handheld component elevates relaxation, facilitating thorough body cleansing through its ample hose length.

Backed by customer reviews, this shower system often remains maintenance-free for extensive periods, underscoring its long-lasting quality.

BOHARERS Bathroom 10” Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld

It is a top-quality brand and it is wall mounting rain shower head. If you want to purchase a shoer which can be installed in-wall so it would have your choice, Width is 10 inches and the material is top-quality stainless steel(304 stainless steel).

It is a crome finish type. Its arm is a solid brass of 15.7 inches and 59 inches shower hose. This brand of the shower has a complete set such as a rain shower head, a golden color valve, shower arm, handheld rain shower head, a hose of stainless steel, handle and faceplate, etc.

The sower mixer valve will protect you from hot and cold water in contrast to your body requirements because of the effective water mixing system. Its color is not erasable and you can easily install it in the bath without anyone’s help.

 EMBATHER Shower System with Waterfall Tub

Embather provides a lot of bathroom accessories and they have about 30-year experience and it is UPC approved company.

proved company. You will enjoy a bath in the bathtub but sometimes the spray is not falling straight on the body that’s why Embather offers you such a bathtub spout which will fulfil your need for enjoyment with a special design.

While bathing you might have experienced the sudden flow of hot water due to the fault in managing valve. It can burn your epidermis layer of skin, but with the help of our shower faucet, you can bath without hesitation. There is a unique pressure balance valve designed which will stop the flow of hot water.

It is not enough to have a marvelous rain shower head to enjoy a bath that’s why there is also a fit air technology which not only consumes less water it showers with high pressure.

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System with 8″ Rain Showerhead;

This brand has the best rain shower head and it also has a handheld combo. Its shower heads are 8 in number and you can easily replace your standard showerhead with the best rain shower head for more comfort and enthusiasm. You can achieve hot/cool water by connecting it to home water supply ‘

Also you can easily clean the rubbish of this rain shower and you can replace rain shower which the company will provide you at purchase time(8 rain shower head 5 hand shower) It also has a fix soup dish through you can easily approach the soup even in close eyes. Utilize the shower head independently or in conjunction with the hand shower, as they are interlinked.

 Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel

True to its name, the “Blue Ocean” shower system offers an immersive bathing experience akin to a sea swim. This advanced model boasts a range of conveniences, including a temperature display designed in a watch-like fashion.

This innovative feature enables you to check the water temperature before stepping in, ensuring it shields you from sudden bursts of hot or cold water.

Sporting a sleek flat steel frame in a calming blue hue, the system features a rain shower head, a handheld shower, and a spout. With the Blue Ocean, your bathing experience transforms into a blend of relaxation and hygiene.

Notably, each component of this brand operates independently, assuring consistent water pressure throughout your shower.

Two additional controllers are added to maintain water temperature. Our team suggest it for those who want to enjoy a bath along with cleanness.

Taiker Shower Head, High Pressure

This type of rain shower has ahead of full (304) stainless steel and can easily cover your body while bathing because it has a swivel ball joint by which you can adjust it at any angle you want.

Taiker hand rain shower has a long shower hose of 60 inches which is best for bathing kids and pet etc. It has a regulator which maintains water pressure and saves water consumption. Its ultra-thin and air in technology ensures water pressure.

It is easy to install and corrosion resistant and you can install it by himself and wouldn’t need an expert.

The package includes a handheld shower, shower head,60 shower hose, Teflon tape 4 pcs, shower hook, about the installation can contact or you can read the instruction given by us.

Rain Shower Head with Handheld – Sarlai Dual Shower Combo

The customer can get many related things within a single package. The package includes the best adjustable rain shower head ( 10 inches) along with handheld (made of 304 stainless steel),24.6 inches slide bar and also has 60 inches hose (stainless steel) and a shower arm about average length.

Sarlai dual shower head can be adjusted in five categories such as spray, bubbles, massage( for effective blood circulation), spray bubbles and spray massage.

Rain Shower Head Systems With Handheld Wall Mounted Shower

This marks the final, yet equally important, brand of a rain shower. Presenting a rain shower head with a substantial 12 sq inch coverage, effectively spanning a generous showering area and optimizing time. Accompanied by a 16-inch showering arm and a 59-inch shower hose, it also incorporates a brass showerhead bracket and a water-mixing valve.

This rain shower heads a wide area of showering which can solve your water pressure problem easily. The water mixer valve body has a special device which can perform dual function i.e maintains temperature and water temperature. 

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