8 Best Rain Jacket For College Students

College stuent girl wear a blue color rain jacket,

Everyone needs protection for health and comfort. If there is drizzling or heavy rain then you need not be absent at college. Simply you can wear the best quality rain gear like a rain jacket and rain boots for college use. Here the question arises that how a student can be protected from raindrops through a rain jacket? then you are right because every rain jacket has the main aim to give your body warmth but it has a different colour, size, design and manufacturing material that perfect for college students. In order to elaborate on your question about the college student rain jacket.

These rain jackets have many varieties perfect for different outdoor activities. Some rain jacket is specially designed for college students due to their unique style, fashion and waterproof materials. Most of them are breathable and effectively works in respiration and perspiration it means these jackets breathe and also absorb sweat from the skin surface during heavy exercise.

A college student may be (boy or girl) can use these rain jackets to protect themselves from the rain without sacrificing style. Rain jacket experts don’t compromise on two things: rain jacket quality and stylish design for the youth of college and they can compete while wearing such rain jackets, which is fit to fashion and affordable price. You can check its details rainwear how it works.

How To Choose Rain Jacket College Students

Your time and money are valuable. You need to check some of the features well. A rain jacket for college use must be fashionable and stylish. They come from waterproof material to keep your body dry in wet weather. Your rain jacket must be breathable (to evaporate the body’s moisture out). There are three different shells like a hard shell, soft shell and hybrid shell. You can choose as you like. Here on this page, our team review some of the best varieties of rain jackets (given below) that ready to wear for college use. You can check inside additional layers of rain jackets.

Brerathable Rain Jacket

As you know that we put on a rain jacket in rain or even in mild weather. Here the problem we face is the lack of breathability. If a rain jacket is more breathable then it will be less waterproof and vice versa. Keep your area climate condition in your mind then decide about the breathability rating in the rain jacket. Anyhow you will feel easy and comfortable if your jacket is more breathable. You can wear it the whole day.

How To Purchase a Stylish Rain Jacket?

In this article, we are concern with the best rain jacket, especially for college students. As a student, we are often fond of the style. A nice looking variety of rain jacket is our priority. There are many varieties that are suitable for rain. You don’t need to sacrifice your style merely for rain. Our team brought some of the brands of rain jackets(given below with detail). Those are blended with countless features. So, be safe and handsome with our top clicked rain jackets.

Rain Jacket For All-weather

The new generation is the lucky one. They don’t need to cover their body with different clothes /fabrics. Today is the age of science and technology. In this present era, every company want to blend more features within on variety that you don’t need to purchase for every weather individually. Our team has brought some rain jacket that is useful for all weather. You can save your time and fortune if you purchase the best rain jacket. It is the best opportunity for all college student to buy an all-weather rain jacket. 

Waterproof and Water-Resistant

Both terms look the same but there is a difference. Water-resistant rain jackets show much resistance to rain (like polyester and nylon fabric). Due to its tight design, it resists water. But it can handle rain up to some extent. Water-resistant rain jackets are more comfortable.

You can call a plastic full waterproof. Waterproof will keep you 100% dry in wet weather. Due to lack of breathability, you can’t wear it for heavy exercise like hiking and skiing etc that’s why our team solved this issue. We have chosen such varieties(given below) that are waterproof as well as breathable.  

Columbia Men’s Glennaker Like Rain Jacket 

Columbia men or boys waterproof rain jacket that perfect for a college students

This is one of the best brands which is highly effective in heavy rain. Columbia is 100% nylon and it has a lot of qualities such as waterproof, mesh lining, you will be safe while wearing Columbia in rain. You can pack it easily in a pouch shape and nylon material added for durability. You can wash it in a washing machine without any hesitation.

Lightweight and stylish design attracts the attention of a customer and especially it is best for college boy. Its handy features made it adjustable i.e you can make it tight and loose with a stowaway hood that is connected with lace. Along with this, it has many sizes, colour, and designs everyone can buy one’s own choice. It is the best everlasting rain jacket with zipper closure for young and old boy. Also, they are versatile you can use this for any other outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and running, perfect to keep you dry in a heavy downpour.

  • 30 Plus multi colour 100 per cent nylon waterproof rain jacket
  • Easy to clean Machine washable
  • A lightweight and soft touch to keep you comfortable
  • Compact and packable
  • It comes with a stowaway hood and adjustable cuffs to keep you warm and dry
  • Well made and fit perfectly
  • Maybe you get the waterproof from 30 different design
  • Not a high quality zipper but I think its fine

Adidas Men Waterproof Lightweight Rain jacket

Adidas black color waterproof and windproof rain jacket for college boys and girls

Adidas rain jacket is one of the top-rated rain jackets. It has many features such as its outer layer is smooth and waterproof due to the use of a material polyamide. Its lining is pure polyester which gives you warmth during winter heavy rain, along with rain you can wear this brand in the wind because it is a windbreaker also. It also has two side pockets along with a zipper to keep your cell phone and wallet secure.

Most of the students use it for sports purpose because of its lightweight and easy feeling. While wearing it you will feel easy and you can wear it at your workplace. the most interesting feature of it is that it is packable i.e you can pack it during sunshine or when you don’t need it. Also, due to its lightweight, you can travel with this. Anyhow it the best choice for a college student as a rain jacket. Many people praised it in their reviews. 

  • It comes in three different colours blue, black, and red
  • Top-rated brand at an affordable price
  • Wind and waterproof to keep you warm and dry
  • It includes a hood with a drawstring
  • Versatile but highly recommended for sports activities in college
  • Lovely lightweight rain gear
  • Thanks to its roomy design
  • It runs a bit large
  • Maybe you like their zip design
  • Could be better for all weather

Wantdo Women’s Stylish College Students Rain Jacket

Wantdo Women's waterproof lightweight mountain stylish rain jacket perfect for a college students

This rain jacket allows you to multi-use with multi designs and multi colours. Its lining is made of a special warm fabric (nearly 2400 fibre) which give much warmth to the body. It is waterproof which will keep your body dry especially when you are outside in heavy rain. Thanks to its design with such cuffs and adjustable gloves which prevents the water from entering. 

It has also a drawcord hem along with a storm hood which can prevent precipitation and keep your body comfortable and dry, even storm and wind cannot reach your body. It includes multi-pockets such as 2 hands pockets (for hands safety) and one chest pocket (for money or something precious) and also 2 inside pockets. Students can adjust such a rain jacket according to their stylish and abdominal fitting.

Where to use it? It is best for body protection. You can use it during heavy rain, snow. snowboarding, downhill skiing, hiking and during the journey without hesitations.Available in seven different colours that you can pick your best one.

  • Professional water repellent coated make this waterproof
  • It includes adjustable cuffs, stretchable glove, and adjustable storm hood to keep the wind out
  • It comes with multifunction pockets
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Soft fabric touch to give extra comfort
  • It comes with an adjustable snow skirt
  • Not for a summer use
  • Maybe you like the tight rain jacket
  • Maybe available in the market

COOFANDY Men’s Outdoor Packable Rain Jacket 

COOFANDY men outdoor pack able lightweight stylish black color rain jacket for college use

Like other qualities of a rain jacket, it is also wonderful for every user. This waterproof and top-class windproof rain jacket is made of high-quality fibre which is breathable too. It has an attractive design with a solid colour which cannot go while washing or some unfavourable weather.

Don’t be nervous about its use you can use it for a lot of outdoor activities ( such as fishing, cycling sporting, camping ), and also best for climbing, hiking without any hesitation. Like other rain jackets, it is also packable i.e you can pack it in a pouch style and carry it along with anywhere you want to go especially in rainy weather.

Point to be noted don’t iron it otherwise you will destroy its outermost protective laver. Easy to clean you can wash it in a washing machine freely.

  • High quality special windproof and waterproof fabric
  • Comfortable wear in any weather condition
  • Great for all season
  • Stylish you can wear for a college use
  • Suitable for the theme park, hiking, climbing, fishing, and running etc
  • Six different classic solid colour
  • Easy to carry and store, comes with a carry pouch
  • Handwash only
  • Not for too much rain

Hunt Girls Lightweight Hooded Raincoat 

Hunt girl lightweight stylish rain jacket for outdoor activities pack able perfect for a travel, hiking, and college students

The customer review about this rain jacket is quite positive because of certain features. It is totally an imported jacket with a 70 per cent 5-star rating. It has a workable zipper closure and its construction material is 98%polyester and 2% Rayon makes this lightweight windproof and waterproof. This rain jacket has long sleeves can work as gloves for hands and avoids hands shivering in rain.

It has no lining for the sake of drying quickly and two front pockets specially designed. like other rain jackets, this one is also packable and most of the user can carry it within a purse on a long drive. It has also two adjustable drawstrings (works as a hood to adjust it according to need). Due to its special design, you can use it in all seasons, after washing it gets dry very soon.

  • Adorable multi colours at an affordable price
  • Suitable for all season
  • Quick-drying material used in this brand
  • Available in 10 multi colours with different sizes
  • Hooded design, drawstring hem, zip-up front, two front pockets for decoration
  • Lightweight sun and rain protection
  • Durable rain jackets for teens when they are in school
  • Perfect for light rain
  • Run a bit small maybe you pick the right one

Women’s Plus Size Raincoat Rain Jacket 

Women plus size lightweight Windbreaker rain coat with a stylish design

If you are a college student and worry about your size of the rain jacket then this one is a great option for you. This (stylish lightweight windbreaker and waterproof) rain jacket is also perfect for college girl. It covers all the basic requirement of the customer such as it has 95% polyester and 5% spandex which gives much warmth and comfort to the body. It has to include elastic cuffs and specially designed two front pockets to keep raindrop out and your important safe.

After research, we came to know that throughout the specific cities of the US people are using this for climbing, camping, hiking and cycling. It has a workable zip closure and multicolour motivates the customer to buy it. Due to its special design, we can call it a girl rain jacket.

  • Rayon, and Spandex material to give a soft touch and comfortable wear
  • Windbreaker material to keep you warm in the wind
  • Waterproof and sun-protected material
  • Foldable and lightweight (easy to take and store)
  • Its adjustable hood and hem will keep you getting wet in heavy rain
  • Well made and highly recommended for a standard fit
  • It is bit tin design
  • Also, it comes with tin zipper maybe you like this

Nike Academy Boys Rain Jacket For College Use

Nike academy boys and men rain coat rain jacket lightweight and pack able black color for college

Nike one of the popular brand rain jacket for collagen (boys, girls). You can easily identify with its trademark in the swoosh design on the front. Construction is totally from fabric wool inside to give you a comfortable wear and it is the best breathable, waterproof rain jacket. Its familiarity lies under its Nike shield technology.

Thanks to its bundle of the feathers such as its fairly lightweight and include two side pocket protected by zipper to keep your hand and essential safe from elements. It has velcro cups with pockets that are also adjustable. Due to its neat fit, it is ideally suited to running/walking in windy conditions. The hood stays up on your head while walking in heavy wind. Shortly it can fulfil your need in each and every weather condition.

  • Great quality rain jacket for summer use
  • Its zippered hand pockets provide secure storage
  • Removable hood pack away if not needed
  • Recommended for a college boys
  • Nice looking rain jacket
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Cheap waterproof rain jacket in the market
  • Not for a winter use
  • Maybe you get the right size because some people claimed about it fitting

CAMEL CROWN Rain Jacket For College Students

Black color winter camel crown jacket for rain snow and hiking and other outdoor activities

This type of rain jacket owns many features such are its is 3 in 1 set ( it has a women warm rain jacket outside and fleece lining inside) both of the sets can be wear collectively or you can wear on at a time in less cool.

It is waterproof and can dry quickly. The detachable storm hood is best for wind resistance and its collar also protects you from a heavy storm. It has multi pockets, two hands zip, one inside with a support fixture mostly for the use of earphone for high security of things. Thanks to its double storage heat system can handle inclement weather easily, such as heavy fog, rainy or snow day.

Simply the camel crown rain jacket is the best option for everyone in cold weather because it’s all parts are adjustable and suits for everyone.

  • Waterproof and quick dry winter raincoat
  • Well made and great quality for the price
  • Soft and breath fleece for a comfortable wear
  • Its adjustable drawcord hem allow to keep wind and element outside
  • Inner secure pockets to keep you important safe like passport and others
  • Fashionable great for all outdoor activities
  • Perfect jacket to keep you warm and dry
  • It’s a little bulky
  • Maybe availible in your favourite color

Helly-Hansen Men’s Moss Rain Coat

Yellow color helly hansen men waterproof rain coat and rain jacket

There is another variety which is a Helly Hansen moss rain jacket, it includes all the qualities which a rain jacket has, but it has some additional features such as it has buttons. These are very helpful in opening and closure. Most people dislike zipper closure so it is designed for those. You need not close it from start to bottom simply you can close its one or two buttons according to your need. It also has a good ventilation system along with two front pockets. Simple to clean machine washable, perfect to keep you safe from rain and wind while you walking to college.

Overall it is the best rain jacket for everyone especially for those who want to wear a rain jacket while working in heavy rain. 80 per cent positive rating, lightweight and you can travel with this windproof and waterproof.

  • 100 per cent waterproof and windproof material used in this brand
  • Simple design with easy open and close through buttons
  • Fantastic and stylish design
  • Complete lack of breathability
  • Very light and great fit
  • Seven different colours at an affordable price
  • Long sleeves maybe you like it
  • Not for too much rain
  • Could be better for all season

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